Research Report

This research report was completed for a public relations research class during my time at Syracuse University. The client was a local non-profit looking to gain insight on their target public and situation.


The following are excerpts from the report to summarize the work:

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Social Media Analysis (collected research class)

From the social listening analysis, we were able to gauge who exactly is talking about financial literacy, small businesses, and empowerment programs. Our analysis showed us that the majority of online users engaging in these topics are female. The coding results were 10 female respondents, 4 male respondents, and 16 instances where no data could be collected. This statistic may allude to the fact that women in small business are more concerned with spreading their ideas on financial literacy and empowerment programs than males. This may also conclude that females are more active on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube than males in small businesses. It is interesting to note that although there were five Tweets in which the gender was unknown out of the 16 unknown where out of the 10 females, there were also five Tweets. Female small business owners can potentially be reached via twitter by Center Of Hope International. Knowing the gender of those most interested in financial literacy and empowerment programs will be helpful towards Center Of Hope International’s next steps.


Focus Group (collected for research class)

This focus group was planned and executed for a research class from my junior year. It included members of the Syracuse community who own small businesses.

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